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Lucky 13 Serve as Bus Drivers for Dunwoody Nature Center Butterfly Festival

Thanks to 13 of our finest, the thousands of attendees at this year's Dunwoody Nature Center Butterfly Festival were lucky enough to have a ride from the festival's offsite parking lot to the Nature Center. This was Dunwoody's eighth year of providing drivers for this Saturday event, and just one of the many things we have done over the years to support the Nature Center. You can go all the way back to the late 1990s to find the Dunwoody Family of Rotary helping with fall clean-up, and many of those same people (including Hoshi's kids and President Cathie's mom) in the early 2000s to paint the main Nature Center building inside and out! We have helped out with summer camp on occasion and with ushering for summer concerts. Several members - including President Cathie and Immediate Past President Rick - have served on the Nature Center's Board of Directors.

This weekend, our volunteers included Kathy Brandt, Bob Freeman, Chris Gutschenritter, Bill Kelly, John Mills, Terry Nall, Bob O'Brien, Rick Otness, Jim Riticher, Erich Schuetz, Jennie Stipick, Rick and Marilyn Woods, and soon-to-be member Josh Podczervinski.

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
September 3, 2019


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