This Week's Meeting
Club Assembly - Celebrate the Good We're Doing!

Please join us this Friday at Flemings for our first full club assembly of the year. We will have a financial update on the club, all good (thanks to some hard decisions made earlier this year by the club on dues and the charitable fund), but our primary focus will be celebrating the good we have done in our community and the world in the last year. We will do this by sharing pictures and commentaries by involved members.

I joined the Rotary Club of Dunwoody 22 years this October, and one of my primary reasons for staying was the ability of Rotary to allow me to make a greater difference in the world through teamwork. Our most recent Club success on October 23 with the End Human Trafficking program at the Ravinia led by Charlie Augello was an example of this. I received the District email about this new initiative in July and knew we needed to help. One of the many ex- Presidents in the club (who have been such a great help this year) suggested I reach out to Charlie and he built and led the incredible team that made this event happen. Now the Club has planted a seed that I am sure will grow in future years to make a real difference in our community.

My personal focus this year has been on sustainability and vocations, and I am excited by the progress we have made on both fronts. Come on Friday and learn more about the difference we have made, and let me know your thoughts on what we can in the future.

I appreciate all you each do to make leading this club such a rewarding experience.

Have a great week and we will see you Friday!

Posted by Cathie Brumfield
November 18, 2019


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