This Week
Stayin Connected, Doing Good from Home!

I hope this finds each and every one of you safe as we stay in our homes and brave our way through the coronavirus pandemic. We will be continuing our weekly bulletin to help us all stay connected. This week, I just want to share a few items:

  • The DeKalb Rotary Council breakfast honoring Teachers of the Year that was scheduled for this Friday has been cancelled.
  • Governor's Ball - You all know it is postponed - with no new date in mind. Given that, Rick Woods is in the process of returning money - to our paying guests (or those of you who paid for guests) and our raffle ticket buyers - generally through credit card refunds. We expect to be returning the money club members paid through their dues for Governor's Ball admission too - that will probably take a bit longer. We appreciate the support of you, your friends and family and will keep you posted on future plans.
  • We know that this is a tough time for many people in the community we serve, and that we'd like to help when and where we can. We ask that you keep us advised of needs that you see or hear about - so that we can share the information with our club members and take action where we can.
  • We all care about each other and are ready to help each other too. Please reach out if you need assistance - or if you hear about another club member who could use our help.

Thanks for all you do! Stay safe and healthy!

President Cathie

Posted by Cathie Brumfield
March 18, 2020


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