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Meet Tina Philpot

Last Friday, Past President Tina Philpot shared a little about herself. 

Tina was born in Louisville, KY, just at the end of WW II, and raised in Chattanooga, Tenn. She used the theme from the September Rotary Magazine - "A Life-Changing Adventure", - to lead into her life changing adventure--a trip to Europe in 1968, as a new graduate of FSU.

"Our visit to Prague just as the Russians were preparing to cross the border, and the 'control' of the citizens in Prague, Czechoslovakia, by the Russians led me to come home and rethink my career--from Systems Analyst to Economics College Professor--a career I just retired from after 42 years with DeKalb College/ Perimeter College at GSU." Tina said this experience has led her to treasure Rotary's outreach to students ... through programs like Rotary Youth Exchange and GRSP. The picture here is from food-packing during one of Dunwoody's GRSP Leadership weekends.

Tina also noted the delightful adventure of joining Rotary 18+ years ago, and the excitement of participating in the leadership structures of this great organization!

Posted by Carter Stout
September 30, 2020


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