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We Want Your Suggestions About Our Hybrid Meetings

Dear Fellow RCD Members,

As we return to in-person/hybrid meetings at a new venue, we are continuing to be technologically challenged. I am asking if you have any questions, suggestions, or issues you may share with me to help make your Zoom or in person meeting experience more enjoyable.

I admit I am faced with a new aspect of the learning curve each week. Any suggestions you may have are welcome. Please email me at or call at 770-616-3876.

Thank you for your support,

Your Sergeant-at-Arms Griff

Editor's Note: We want to thank Griff for all his hard work in making the hybrid meeting work as well as it does - figuring out the technology, the mikes, the placement of cameras, getting people into the meeting, muting us all when necessary, and transporting/setting up of banners and other paraphernalia we need ... all as we change meeting locations too. 

Posted by Joseph Ransom
March 17, 2021


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