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Consider Being a GRSP Host Family - Experience of a Lifetime

For the last two weeks, Jackie Cuthbert has been enjoying a visit from my first ever GRSP student - Gabriella Baron - who arrived in Georgia 20 years ago (family pictured with me above). Today, Gaby and her family live in Jersey City and her mom Carmen lives here in Atlanta. As Jackie's mentioned in last Friday's meeting, Gaby's nine-year old son Adrian said he'd like to join Rotary and help people - how old did you need to be to join? 

All that to say being a GRSP host family is an awesome experience  Jackie has hosted five and still keep in touch with them all. It's an extended family ... and we have the opportunity to instill the spirit of Rotary - fellowship, fun, doing good in the world - in each student we host.

We are looking for one or two Rotarians to be our host family for this year's student - Maro Innocent-Otolo from Nigeria. She will be arriving August 12 at Hartsfield-Jackson and living/studying at Oglethorpe. Like Yemariam, Maro comes to us directly through Oglethorpe as part of the GRSP Direct College Select program we helped pilot two years ago.

Being a host family includes:

  • Helping Maro get settled in Oglethorpe and Atlanta
  • Hosting Maro in your home some weekends and holidays
  • Transportation to some club meetings, service projects and events - and to some GRSP student weekends (or at least to the bus for students)
  • Creating a lifetime relationship with great memories,

Talk to Jackie Cuthbert, Lorri Christopher or Eleni Bafas if you want to know more.

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
July 28, 2021


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