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Membership Minute

August (Membership Month) was a good one for our District. We have contacted over 100 membership leads sent to us by Rotary International and connected more than 30 of those leads to clubs. This is a new avenue of recruitment that we have never taken advantage of before but we appreciate your willingness to jump right in with us to help our clubs and district grow. If you have questions or problems remember that help is never more than an email or phone call away – encourage your Club Membership Chairs to stay in touch!

As we venture into September, we hope you gained some ideas from the Vibrant Club Seminar that you can put into action in your clubs and increase the impact you have on your community. It is our hope that we will continue to make Every Month a Membership Month and remember that we are not just looking for numbers – we are looking for service-minded people who are fun and passionate about doing good things for the world around them.

Let’s Get Social

Did you know that DG Jim Squire wants to pay for your club to have a party? It's true! In an effort to promote fellowship and membership growth, District 6900 will provide Matching Funds up to $250 to clubs for the express purpose of hosting a club membership social. Invite your family, friends, and prospective Rotarians – have fun!! Funds are limited, though, so this is a “First Come, First Served” deal. For more information or to start the application, link to:

Posted by Jaclyn Donovan
September 9, 2019


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