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Pizza Earns $1,000 for Dunwoody Police Foundation

Dunwoody Rotarian Charlie Augello, owner of East 48th Street Market, recently presented a check to the Dunwoody Police Foundation for $1,000, representing the results of the Market's October "Enjoy Pizza and Support Police" drive.

Charlie called the drive a winning proposition for all, “Our pizza sales increased by 65% and our customers welcomed the opportunity to salute the Dunwoody Police Department." He hopes this is a start for promoting similar win-win programs for future local merchants.

Thanking Augello on behalf of the Dunwoody Police Foundation, board president Rick Holland said, “The enthusiasm and appreciation for our Dunwoody Police by those who live, work and shop in Dunwoody came across loud and clear in the success of this initial campaign. Donations such as this make it possible to continue to support officers injured in the line of duty and to fulfill the mission of the foundation.” Plans are in place for the Dunwoody Police Foundation to offer other area businesses the opportunity to participate in similar fashion.

Thanks to Dunwoody Rotarians who ordered pizza from East 48th Street Market and/or spread the word to friends about this fund-raising effort. And remember, you can continue your support by joining us at The Duke this December 14 where Thirsty Thursday meets up with Cheers for Charity - and proceeds again support the Dunwoody Police Foundation.

Posted by Kathy Brandt
December 9, 2019


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