Serving During the Pandemic
Dunwoody Making a Difference in Italy

As you may know, the Rotary Club of Dunwoody (RCD) is partnering with the Rotary Clubs in Cesena and Valle del Savio, Italy to assist dementia and Alzheimer’s victims An additional grant partner is the University of Bologna psychology department who is developing unique software for use by those with Alzheimer’s. RCD is the International partner in sponsoring this Rotary Foundation Global Grant which provided equipment and training for the staff of assisted living and nursing home facilities.

During the current lockdown in Italy, the equipment provided by the grant has helped the residents of these facilities to connect with their families and the outside world. That's what you see in two of the pictures; the third is part of the overall project before the pandemic.

Originally, the grant provided computerized programs and training to help those affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s to maintain or perhaps increase the cognitive abilities. This grant has inspired the communities near Cesena to unite the efforts of several organizations to address the needs of individuals and families affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our grant was like a pebble in a pond; the rings of help and cooperation spread throughout the area. We have maintained contact with the Rotarians in Italy and offered our continued support and encouragement. They are providing updates on this project and how it has also been used during the current crisis. These Rotary Clubs are hopefully that what is learned during this grant can be replicated in other locations in the US and abroad.

Posted by Louise Barden
March 25, 2020