The Rotary Foundation
What's the $100 on Your July Dues Invoice All About ...

The Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. Since it was founded more than 100 years ago, the Foundation has spent more than $4 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects.

In the 36-year history of the Rotary Club of Dunwoody, we have donated $1,326,950 to The Rotary Foundation to do good in the world. We ended the 2019-20 Rotary Year as number 2 in District 6900 in all-time giving. And we have put The Rotary Foundation programs to work on programs we care about - to the tune of about $2.5 million in good work. We have participated in more than 40 global grants that have provided hospital equipment, supported family health days serving thousands in Africa and India, and most recently, supported Alzheimer’s services in Italy (pictured). We have sponsored Group Study Exchange teams promoting cultural and professional exchanges and Global Grant Scholars … and here at home we have put Rotary Foundation dollars to work through District Grants supporting Thanksgiving baskets for Kingsley Elementary families, books for Dresden and Kingsley, and more. The work we have participated in through the Foundation have delivered more than $2.5 million in good around the world.

In 2005-2006, Dunwoody decided to become a 100% Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member Club. That year – and every year since, we have committed to contributing at least $100 per member to The Rotary Foundation each year. That $100 is included in the July quarterly dues assessment you just received as it is each July. Many of our members contribute more than this $100 per year because we appreciate the work The Rotary Foundation allows us to do. Contact me or President Ardy if you’d like to know more.

Posted by Bill Mulkey
July 29, 2020