Membership Corner
Five Easy Steps for Inviting Someone to This Friday's Meeting

Good stories bear repeating! This month, Rotary International is focused on Membership and Club Development and we would like to do the same. Here are five easy steps for inviting a potential member this week: 

  1. Read about the speaker in the newsletter.
  2. Think of one person who would benefit from hearing what this speaker has to say.
  3. Call them to tell them about the speaker.
  4. Follow up with an email and give them the zoom link for Friday and remind them to set their alarm so they are up at 7am.
  5. Have fun introducing them at the meeting Friday morning.

And if this week isn't the "right" opportunity, think about inviting someone to meet us at Thirsty Thursday next week - August 20 - at the East 48th Street Market!

Posted by Darrin Vanderpan
August 4, 2020