Service Opportunities
Cleaning Up at the Dunwoody Nature Center

Seven intrepid souls showed up to represent the Rotary Club of Dunwoody last Saturday at about 9 AM (which allowed all the volunteers to sleep in). This crew of volunteers included President Ardy Bastien  , Jennifer Bowler, Cathie Brumfield, Rick Otness, Rotary Youth Exchange Student Daniela Sanchez (who spoke to us Friday on her experience in Korea), Jennie Stipick and Carter Stout.

We quickly formed two teams: Weeding Wonders Jennifer, Cathie and Jennie attacked weeds posing as "natural plants" and soon had their area cleared of all weeds in just under 1.5 hour. Those unable to distinguish plants from weeds were relegated to the Wheel Barrow Brigade - including Ardy , Rick , Daniela and Carter.  This group took a little longer but eventually hauled and spread enough wood chips to cover their assigned area (i.e. the meadow). Of course covering their area couldn't start until all the rocks lining the path in the meadow had been properly realigned. Most of the Rotarians were happy to advise Carter Stout on the proper placement of the rocks.

Join Us October 10 from 9 a.m. to Noon

This opportunity to volunteer at the Dunwoody Nature Center will occur one Saturday in each month. The next date is October 10. We plan to make this a monthly RCD volunteer event, but we need additional volunteers to increase the impact we will have on the Dunwoody Nature Center. The activities involve proper social distancing, but allow volunteers to be close enough to share encouragement and humor. Half way into our morning a brief gentle cooling rain, mostly misting, cooled us down.

The groups worked to the musical talents of a "Baby Beethoven" prodigy (two-year old) who was developing his skills on the outdoor piano located in the meadow, with occasional renditions of Star Wars theme by his mother. A delightful way to spend a Saturday morning volunteering tio make the community better.

Posted by Rick Otness
September 15, 2020