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Bounds Garden - "We're Here So Let's Go"

Ranger Fred Bounds was feeling under the weather last Saturday (09/19/20), so he canceled the planned session. But as often happens when you publicize an event, not everyone gets the stand down order.

Fred asked Rick Otness to be there to let any people that showed up know that the session was cancelled. When President Nominee Jennifer Bowler showed up at 9 AM sharp with tools, she said to Rick, "Well we are here, why can't we just get it done." Rick didn't have a good answer, so for the next hour Bounds Garden happened, and is now weed free except for two items they couldn't agree were weeds.

Fred may need to start watching over his shoulder. For others interested in maintaining the "Bounds Garden" traffic island at the intersection closest to the Dunwoody Library, there are four more sessions scheduled this year - 10/31/20,  1/9/21,  3/6/21, and  5/8/21.

Mark your calendars. The fun starts at 9 AM and usually lasts an hour. Come join our volunteers - Having Fun, Doing Good.

Posted by Rick Otness
September 23, 2020


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