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You Can Be Part of Dunwoody's End Polio Now Support

As a follow-up to Past RI Director Robert Hall's presentation last Friday, we wanted to share some history of Dunwoody's participation in the fight to End Polio Now - and invite you to join as you can in helping to eradicate polio in the world.

  • Since 1986, when Rotary International launched the Polio Plus Campaign, the Rotary Club of Dunwoody has donated more than $200,000. When Foundation Chair Bill Mulkey updated our giving stats for DG Kirk Driskell in September, we were #4 in District 6900 for all-time polio giving. In just the last three Rotary years, we have donated more than $82,000 to polio - from our members and the Dunwoody Charitable Fund.
  • Four members of the RCD Family of Rotary (each pictured here) have delivered drops to the children of India as part of a National Immunization Day - Roy Wise, Laura Kann, Robert and Charlene Hall.
  • Roy Wise has served as District 6900 End Polio Now chair, and Robert Hall has served in many roles, including his current position as Rotary International's Vice Chair of the End Polio Now: Countdown to History Campaign Committee.

As we all know, we are "this close" to eradicating polio in the world - an amazing gift to the children of the world. And that last bit requires perseverance and continued funding - for vaccines, continued monitoring and such. That's why we sent an email this week asking that each of us consider making a donation to End Polio Now. You can do so at Note: If you go to

  • You can make a donation as a Guest or you can Sign In as a Rotarian (using your Rotary International log-in) and receive donation credit for you and RCD
  • You will receive a confirming email from The Rotary Foundation acknowledging your donation - please forward a copy to Jennie Stipick so that we can track the club's polio contributions.

Thanks for considering this donation and for all you do to help us make a difference in the world and our community!

Posted by Ardy Bastien
November 18, 2020


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