Former Dunwoody Rotarian Don Griffing to be District Governor in Wisconsin

Exciting news for Don and Marj Griffing - and for the Rotary Club of Dunwoody. Don has been selected by District 6270 in Wisconsin to be District Governor in 2023-24.

Don got his official Rotary start here in Dunwoody, when he and wife Marj joined the club in 2007. Neither was new to Rotary at that time - Marj was a Rotary Youth Exchange student in 1979-80 - sponsored by the Rotary Club of St. Paul, Minnesota, and later joined that club and served as its President in 2005-06. As Marj said in her Facebook post yesterday, while Marj was a Rotarian in St. Paul, "Don was being dragged along for the ride, experiencing Rotary through my filter. He was a really good sport about being dragged along – even wearing a Rotary Ann pin for the duration of my year as president. (Rotary Anns were wives of Rotarians when women were not permitted to be members of Rotary.)"

After moving away from Georgia, Don found a home in the Rotary eClub of the Southwest United States and served as its president for most of two years. Ultimately, Marj and Don ended up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and both Don and Marj found a home at f the Rotary Club of Oshkosh. Don found a role helping the club and the district leverage technology to continue meeting online during the pandemic.

Don is the second of our alumni slated to serve Rotary as District Governor. Laura Kann (Dunwoody President in 2011=12) will be District Governor of District 6420 in Illinois in 2022-23). The two had a Dunwoody reunion at their multi-district PETS in early 2020.

Congratulations and best wishes to Don and Laura!

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
November 18, 2020


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