To Fellowship ... and Social Distancing - Thirsty Thursday Revisited!

On the third Thursday of November, nine people, all hungry to socialize while maintaining social distancing (with a one-minute photo grouping), gathered for a glass (or two) of good cheer on the patio of the Dunwoody Tavern. As the pictures show the temperatures was a little on the chilly side, but all stayed warm with the help of a luxurious fire pit. There was great music as Jud came with his musical gear and regaled the group with many excellent songs. 

Those attendees out to prove that we are more than just a "friendly breakfast club" when it comes to being social, included: President Ardy, Jennifer Bowler and Jud,  Carter Stout,  Matthew Johnson,  Rick Otness,  Tina Philpot,  Griff Ransom and Rick Woods. 

Watch for details on where we'll gather for December's Thirsty Thursday event - mark your calendars for Thursday, December 17.

Posted by Rick Otness
November 25, 2020


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