Another Way to Give ...
Tis the Season for Making a Difference ... with AmazonSmile

It is a great time of year to have your holiday purchases make a double impact – and help our Charitable Fund! We all are ordering from Amazon – did you know that you can order from AmazonSmile with the same login, at the same prices and, when you designate the Rotary Club of Dunwoody (RCD)  as your charity, RCD benefits??

Simply go to AmazonSmile ( and designate the Dunwoody Rotary Charitable Fund as your charity. Then, place your Amazon order through the AmazonSmile website. Every time you order from Amazon a donation equal to .5% of your purchase will be made to the Charitable Fund. The Charitable Fund has received about $100 through AmazonSmile. Every little bit counts!

AmazonSmile supports more than a million charities - to the tune of $215 million overall. It's an easy way to make a difference!

Posted by Deb Cameron
December 9, 2020


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