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Collaborating to Make a Difference - New Global Grant Project

Culebra is a small island paradise in Puerto Rico - with one major drawback, a mosquito that spreads life threatening diseases like dengue and yellow fever. The Rotary Club of Dunwoody has been invited - and the Board has approved - joining with Rotary District 6420 (Illinois - current home of our Past President Laura Kann) in a project to eliminate that species of mosquito over a two-year period. If the project is approved by The Rotary Foundation, we will contribute $7,500 from our Charitable Fund to support it. The project's total budget is $225,000.

We are excited about this project for several reasons:

  • If successful, the project will likely lead to similar efforts in other small Caribbean islands - so we could be part of creating a replicable project promoting disease prevention and treatment. On Culebra, this benefits the 1,800 residents as well as the thousands of tourists who visit this island each year.
  • We have the opportunity to work with Laura Kann and her district, as well as experts from the CDC.
  • With the proximity of Culebra to Dunwoody, there's potential for our Rotarians to visit and take part in the project. 

We will keep you informed as the grant moves through the approval process and we look more at the possibilities of visiting Culebra in the future.

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
February 10, 2021


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