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Club Helps Bring Oxygen to India's COVID-19 Patients

When Mike Parks shared a heartbreaking request from the Rotary Alumni Association of former Rotary Youth Exchange students in India (Rotex India D3054) for donations to provide oxygen to COVID-19 patients there, your members and board went into action late last week - approving a grant to India in record time for $2,000 (including $625 from interested members). Before 11:15 am this past Monday, the money was on its way to India via approved web sites that accepted the club's ATM card.

This could not have been done without assistance from our members for funding and sourcing approved web sites that allowed us to get this money to India quickly and economically. Thanks to Cathie Brumfield for her help with making the financial side work! It was a true Team Dunwoody effort to do what we could to assist.

If you committed to be part of this, your checks to the Dunwoody Rotary Charitable Fund should go to Cathie Brumfield. If you wish you could have signed up to contribute, it's not too late. We had hoped to raise $1,000 in matching funds but only raised $625 given the time. Reach out to Cathie Brumfield if you would like to be part of this effort. Thanks to all for making this happen.

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
May 5, 2021


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