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Join the Gigantic Sprucetanza at Bounds Gardens this Weekend

Current and Future Sprusters,

With CAC and the Arts Festival behind us this month, what’s an energetic, civic-minded group of Dunwoody Rotarians to do?

I have an idea and this 2016 picture might give you a clue. Amble on down to Bounds Gardens (the traffic island across the street from the Dunwoody library) this Saturday May 15 at 09:00. Bring your favorite gardening tool(s) and gloves and let’s get busy. The gardens are sporting an untamed, western wilderness look. OK, it looks maybe passable, the botanical equivalent of three day beards and ripped (on purpose) jeans.

Job One, in addition to gutter sweeping, is taking care of the wide variety of weeds that roam all over the spacious .005 acre park, especially the ones over a foot tall. So that involves bending or kneeling down to yank those SOB’s out of the prairie, I mean dirt.

Do you any of you have a hedge trimmer, chain saw, or tiller, either wireless or gas powered? If so, we could bring those prickly twig holly plants on the perimeter down a foot or two, and maybe depending on the size of the posse that reports Saturday morning, plant some hellebores (Lenten Roses) and strawberry begonias.

And for those of you who stay the course, after all the weedin, snippin, and sweepin how about some dessert? That’s right, pine straw lovingly laid down all over the fruited plain.

If JFK was still alive today and a Dunwoody Rotarian, he might well intone, “Ask not what Bounds Gardens can do for you, ask what you can do for Bounds Gardens.”

If you plan on coming, a heads up to Ranger Fred Bounds would be appreciated.

Posted by Frederick Bounds
May 12, 2021


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