Join the July 5 Celebration!
Test Your History Knowledge ... and Create Future History This Independence Day!

Uncle Sam (and the Dunwoody Family of Rotary) needs you to help make this year's Independence Day celebration as fun as many Fourth of July parades past. Only this year, the city will be celebrating on Monday, July 5.  Do you know:

  • When Uncle Sam made his debut as a Dunwoody Rotarian and why he joined us? This "running" Uncle Sam took his trip down Mount Vernon in 2011 to promote our RunDunwoody fundraiser. He was built under the direction of Rotarian Patti Adcox's son. Crepe paper Uncle Sam had a short life - succumbing to a rainstorm that followed the parade as he waited to be transferred to the Dunwoody storage locker.
  • When we started "baking up a storm" to boost hot dog stand sales? Starting in 2003, during President Bill Woulfin's year! 
  • Who didn't have to pay for their hot dogs? Members of the military, as our way of saying "thank you for your service"
  • All the ways you can be a part of this year's Dunwoody Rotary Fourth of July? Enlist now to help build the float, be part of the parade, or assist with all things hot dog stand ... setting up, cooking, serving, collecting money, and helping with clean-up. And know that we'll make sure every job is served up with a dose of fun! You can sign up at the meeting on Friday or send an email to Jackie Cuthbert.

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
June 2, 2021


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