Welcome to the Membership Committee!

Welcome to the new members pictured above who joined District 6900 clubs during June 2021. We hope they'll be joined by many more new members in the 2021-22 Rotary Year, as we look to "Grow More to Do More."

As we kick off this membership initiative, we count on each of you to serve on the membership committee. So ask yourself – as an individual and a club:

  • How do I scout for talented teammates: What qualities do you think make a good Rotarian? Who in particular should you recruit?
  • How do we deliver a “winning” experience from Day 1? Do we have a good way of expressing who we are and what value we deliver to potential teammates? Think about everything from the way you welcome visitors to informative programs and demonstrating your passion for service. Are you inviting potential players with a variety of skills to social events and service projects as well as meetings?
  • What’s your playbook for bringing new team members on? Do you have a solid orientation process? A way to quickly connect new Rotarians with people and with projects and service opportunities that use their talents and speak to their passions?
  • How do you “recruit” your existing members all over again … to keep them engaged in your club.
Posted by Mary Ligon
July 6, 2021


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