Youth and Peace in Action
Peacebuilder Certification for Rotarians – REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!

District 6900 Rotarians can register NOW to become peacebuilder certified—just like students in 58 schools and youth organizations sponsored by Rotary Clubs in District 6900!! Guiding Young Peacebuilders is a 20-hour self-paced virtual training program designed for Rotarians to become peacebuilder certified and learn how to guide young people in their peacebuilding journeys!

The course will be available starting on Oct. 15, so register TODAY at Guiding Young Peacebuilders (for Rotarians) (youthpeaceaction.org). The YPA program is FREE to Rotarians in District 6900.

District 6900 is leading the way with the largest peacebuilding initiative in the history of Rotary! Don’t miss out on your chance to Make A Difference!

Posted by Becky Stone
October 5, 2021


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