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Showcase Your Club!

With the passing of World Polio Day on October 24th we just had the chance to celebrate one of Rotary’s top priorities and undoubtedly many clubs in our district took this moment to highlight Rotary’s incredible and sustained work to end polio. This was also one of the many opportunities for club’s to capture and share how they’re creatively working in communities throughout our district.

One of the easy, high-impact ways to share your club’s good work is through Rotary Showcase available by going to myrotary.org. Entering a project can be done easily by navigating to Member Center, then Online Tools, and finally to Rotary Showcase. Once there, you’ll have the chance to give basic project information and to upload your event photos and videos. It’s that easy and it also satisfies on the achievement goals for our club recognition. You'll need to log in to myRotary to add a project to Showcase.d

REMEMBER – always capture pictures and even videos of your projects, social event, fund raisers, and club activities! Most everyone can grab a picture or video with their mobile device and it allows for much easier and impactful storytelling.

As a reminder, our district recognition goals this year focus on individual club achievement based on goals set by the club. Entering a project on Rotary Showcase is one of the goals that counts towards achievement of the 2021-2022 Governor’s Award. A copy of the awards guide can be found on the district website or by simply following this link - https://www.rotary6900.org/resource/1240.

Have questions about Awards & Recognition? Feel free to reach out to Awards Chair Ryan Clements at ryan.clements@acicms.com for clarifications and suggestions.

Posted by Ryan Clements
November 4, 2021


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