Support Romanian and Moldovan Rotarians as They Respond to Needs in Ukraine

We are deeply concerned about the situation and people in the Ukraine. Thanks to our Buckhead Rotarian Radu Zernoveanu we have information for action. Radu's father is a Rotarian in Romania. Due to this relationship, we have very current information on the needs and process for sending support.

Current Refugee Situation in Ukraine 

  • the queues to cross borders are longer than 30 miles
  • the weather in Ukraine is treacherous (freezing temperatures, snowing, windy)
  • the refugees are mostly comprised of women, elderly, and children as young as newborns (who are being born in refugee camps)
  • the Ukrainians have created refugee camps close to the borders
  • in the cities directly affected by the war, they are lacking food, clean water, personal products, medication, medical supplies, medical equipment


Rotary Response in D2241

Rotary Districts 2241 and 2232 (Ukraine & Belarus) have created an efficient supply chain process as follows:

  • District 2241 Rotary Clubs along the border are in direct contact with Rotary Clubs in Ukraine (some of them are sister clubs) and are centralizing the needs of the Ukrainian population and of the refugees
  • Based on the centralized needs, the D2241 RCs acquire the needed products and are delivering them in trucks to club representatives in Ukraine (as can be seen in the attached pictures)
  • from there, the Ukrainian clubs are redistributing the items to clubs across Ukraine and targeted population
  • in D2241 they have fundraised so far approximately $50,000 from clubs and Rotarians

Financial Needs

  • The refugees are expected to arrive at the borders in waves. Up to now, there are close to 1M refugees who left Ukraine.
  •  The first wave that is now approaching its end, was comprised of people with better means (people with cars, money, specific destinations to relatives and friends, etc.).
  • Another wave that is already approaching that is estimated to be ~5M refugees is expected to be comprised of people with much higher needs.
  • The population that is not fleeing has an ever-increasing need of food, water, personal products, medication, medical supplies, and medical equipment
  • Because of the above, the financial needs of D2241 are increasing every day in order to respond to the needs expressed by the Ukrainian clubs.

Rotary International Response

There is a coordination committee assigned by RI Board and General Secretary John Hewko: RID Katerina Kotsali-Papadimitriou, RPIC Mykola Stebljanko, and PDG Vira Syryamina. They are in constant contact with the districts that are responding to the crisis and are advising on when and how the money should be used inside Ukraine.

Rotary District 6900 Response

Our district will collect funds and forward what we receive. If you want to participate this way, send your check payable to Rotary District 6900 Charitable Fund and mail to Teri White at P. O. Box 55, Coolidge, GA 31738. Be sure to put Ukraine in the memo field to designate the use of the funds.

Or you may send funds directly to:

Rotary District 2241 Fundraising Account
Contact Name: DG Adrian Luca, +40 744 610543, lucaadrian61@yahoo.com
Account Name: ASOCIATIA Rotary International District 2241
Fiscal Code: 19103694
USD Account Number: RO22BTRL01302205M6501800
EUR Account Number: RO88BTRL01304205M65018XX

Thank you for being People of Action and Serving to Change Live

Posted by Mary Ligon
March 3, 2022


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