Rotary Youth Exchange
Get Ready to Welcome Camille in August!!

We are excited to announce that our Rotary Youth Exchange student for the 2022-23 school (and Rotary) year has been assigned!  Camille from Belgium is a 16-year-old who will be attending Dunwoody High School.  Her first language is French, and she has been studying English for five years.  Camille will arrive in August and will be with host families and our club until May 2023.  Dottie Toney will be Camille's counselor (liaison between Camille, the school, and our club).

We encourage everyone to meet Camille and invite her to fun Atlanta events (think: Atlanta United games, festivals, etc.).  If you will be driving or spending time with Camille you must be a certified volunteer for Rotary Youth Exchange.  The certification process involves a background check and two short training modules from the Department of State.  Please contact Deb Cameron (dsc630@gmail.com) with any questions or to start the certification process.

We also are still recruiting for a second host family for Camille - from about mid-November to early February.  The only requirement for the family is that they must live in the Dunwoody High School attendance area.  The family also will be required to obtain background checks and training.

If you know of a high school student, ages 14-18, who would be interested in going on Rotary Youth Exchange for the 2023-24 school year, please direct them to Deb or to ryeflorida.com for more information.

Posted by Deb Cameron
May 25, 2022


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