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Time to Rescue the Ferns This Saturday at Dunwoody Nature Center

We are back at the Dunwoody Nature Center this Saturday, August 13, after a brief summer hiatus - from 9-11:00 AM or so. Cathie Brumfield visited our site last week, and was very pleasantly surprised to see how good it looked after our time off. We have really knocked out a lot of ivy and wisteria. With a dedicated team next Saturday early - armed with garden gloves and your favorite garden tool), we can pull up the nasty Japanese stiltgrass that has sprouted before it goes to seed, with a little wisteria and ivy and be in really good shape for fall planting.

Cathie is thinking once we see how it cleans up on Saturday, she may donate some lady and Christmas ferns to the forest area, and some mountain mint to the meadow from her yard. The invasives have overwhelmed all the good stuff, but as we remove invasives we can introduce natives and they will actually help us keep the bad plants down while looking good. Nature hates a vacuum.

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
August 3, 2022


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