Whiskey Raffle #3: Two Weeks, 52 Tickets Remaining

There's one more opportunity to support Dunwoody's Whiskey Raffle which in turn supports our Dunwoody Charitable Fund - by buying or encouraging others to buy tickets for Whiskey Raffle #3 - for a bottle of Blanton’s Gold (shown on the right) - a higher proofed version of Blanton’s that is only available in International markets and duty-free outlets (if you are lucky).

You can read more about this offering - and buy tickets at https://whiskey-raffle.com/! Tickets are $30 each - the whiskey is valued at $400. Help us reach our goal of 150 tickets sold (we're at 98 today) before the December 15 Thirsty Thursday drawing! 

Posted by Carter Stout
November 30, 2022


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