Thank You for Your Service
Dunwoody Honors the Troops

Last Thursday, we had the extreme honor to welcome the troops and treat them to lunch at the USO at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. We had eight volunteers on hand and 11 cookie bakers who produced 56 pounds of cookies. Lunch included hot dogs, sauerkraut and potato chips (donated by Boars Head Northside Provisions), baked ziti, meatballs and more from the East 48th Street Market, and snacks from Back Pack Buddies. Thanks to the generosity of East 48th Street customers, we also delivered a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner ($650) to Mary Lou Austin, President of the USO - an item that has long been on her wish list.

Our volunteers included:

  • At the USO: Dottie and Griff Ransom, Rick Woods, Bob O'Brien, Rick Otness, Charlie Augello, George Stewart and Fred Brandt
  • Baking cookies: Anita Augello, Judy Bowman (Augello family friend), Felicia Voloschin, Anne Glenn, Jennie Stipick, Jackie Cuthbert, Jennifer Shumway, Kathy Brandt, Maureen Otness, Les Woulfin and Deb Parks (a Dearfield neighbor).

Bob O'Brien drove supplies and some volunteers to the airport; the rest of us travelled by MARTA.

Thanks to everyone who helped us honor our troops.

Posted by Charlie Augello
March 22, 2023


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