Dunwoody Arts Festival
Thanks to the Dunwoody Dream Team

“You are truly the Dream Team...”   That is what Dunwoody Art Festival organizers call Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Dunwoody and Atlanta Rotaract who volunteered to help at Dunwoody Art Festival 2023.

Thanks to your generous commitment of time and energy as a volunteer, Dunwoody Art Festival 2023 was a huge success by all measures.  Because of your efforts, Rotary’s presence played a significant role in the event’s success. Rotary’s presence was publicly recognized and appreciated by many artists and exhibitors. In addition, more than 20 visitors to the Rotary Club of Dunwoody exhibit  expressed interest in learning more about membership opportunities.

Rotary turnout - 24 Rotarians representing Rotary Club of Dunwoody and Atlanta Rotaract - was significant and particularly appreciated by visiting artists. In their message of appreciation, festival organizers, Cindy Flynn and Frances Schube said, "To the Dunwoody Rotary Club (and members of the Rotaract), you are truly the Dream Team.  You help every year, and we consider you family. It’s always so comforting to see you early in the morning, and now, on Friday night too – we know that you have everyone’s back."

Many thanks to each of you for being there. Whether you helped to meet and greet the public at the Rotary exhibit, helped with Artist Welcome /Set-up on Friday night or Saturday morning, or helped with Artist Exhibit Breakdown on Sunday night, your time and effort was well spent. Thank you.

Posted by Kathy Brandt
May 24, 2023


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