Fight Human Trafficking
Grant Sponsors Speakers from Rescuing Hope

The Rotary Clubs of Alpharetta, Marietta, North Cobb and Smyrna have teamed with Rotary Action Group Against Slavery to offer Rescuing Hope as a resource for speakers and materials to fight Human Trafficking. We have $4,500 in grant funding is available for clubs to invite the Rescuing Hope team to enlighten, educate and empower Rotarians in this fight and connect the resources they offer to schools, law enforcement, medical providers and other community organizations.

Funding is available for travel expenses for the speakers as well as the educational material to be distributed.  To learn more about Rescuing Hope visit https://www.rescuinghope.com/ and for more info on RAGAS visit https://ragas.online/

To request speakers from Rescuing Hope for your club you may contact Hicks Malonson from North Cobb at hicks.malonson@harrynorman.com or Reagan at Rescuing Hope at reagan@rescuinghope.com

Posted by Hicks Malonson
May 26, 2022


Posted by Hicks Malonson
Rotary Club of North Cobb
June 3, 2022 11:11am

C'mon Rotarians! Let's save some lives here!

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