Serving During the Pandemic
Urgent Request for Disaster Relief Funds - District 6900 and The Rotary Foundation

So Now What? What are we doing today that makes tomorrow different? Here are two actions you, with your Rotary Club, can take now that help other District 6900 Rotarians give life changing care in their corners of the world.

  • Opportunity #1 - At Home – This world’s corner is Southwest Georgia, where all types of PPE and hand sanitizers are needed in every community. District 6900 is seeking money that will be used by Rotarians to purchase protective and sanitation supplies. These supplies will be distributed to SWG First Responders, Community Assistance Leagues and Non-Profit organizations who are in direct contact with the children, elderly and disabled citizens in their neighborhoods.

Here’s the Why: This Georgia area has the highest per capita COVID-19 death rate in the USA. Infection rates are still growing.

  • Opportunity #2 – Far Away – Remote Bangladesh is this corner of our world. Over the past three years, Clubs in District 6900 supported a Rotary-sponsored rural hospital as they expanded cancer detection and treatment services into remote communities through equipping mobile testing vehicles with clinics reaching patients with no alternative access to care. During the past month, this hospital was designated a COVID-19 Treatment only facility by the Government and the entire city is quarantined. Along with other districts in Norway and Bangladesh, the North Columbus Club and District 6900 are submitting a Global Grant Request from The Foundation to purchase food, ventilators and COVID-19 testing kits for the hospital. We need $4,500 in additional funds to complete the grant.

Here’s the Why: The hospital is not equipped for COVID patients – they have no automatic ventilators or virus testing kits. Patient families have no food while their key source of support is sick and they have no possibility of returning home at present.

Both of these needs are urgent. If your Club or individual Rotarians want to support either or both of these efforts, please contact Anne Glenn, Grants Chair Rotary District 6900 at adillardglenn@gmail.com

Posted by Anne Glenn
May 1, 2020


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